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Translate dates

Hello, when you format a date you get a date in english but I would like to have this date in the user’s language. Ex : July 24
Do you know anything (plugins or other) that could translate the date automatically, otherwise I will do it manually but it is going to be really annonying, especially if I have a lot of languages;

I think Bubble might handled that for you if you have the language parameters setup…never tried it though.

do you know how to do that ? i didn’t find any function to do that automatically

check out how to use language parameters…Bubble manual does a good job explaining how it works…then test to see if the date is automatically translated when using different languages.

sorry you were right, it does translate the months ! i will try to get one format for the date that is okay for all languages, thanks

for instance, I would need to have in english August 2nd (month before), but 2 Août (month after) but I will do that manually thanks

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