Translation - first element in repeating group does not translate on mobile

So I m trying to translate my website using bubble conditionals. I am getting a weird bug, that shows the first element of a repeating group in the default language. Any thoughts?

Here is the website:
On mobile only - To see the issue, change the language in the top to English - Select the first professional and you will see the first service: Tuns barbati in romanian. It should show Mens Haircut according to conditionals

Thank you

Where do I click to change language?

it only works on mobile view for now (widthh < 500 px)

try now

Now I saw!

This is strange…

Are you sure you have the translation for this service stored in database?? :thinking:

yes of course. check it out

I found something strange in you app that may be the cause of the issue. When you click the service, it changes the language. There is something else going on…

Check this out:

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