Translation of CORE message not displaying


My app uses the text app feature to translate to several languages (including French and Portuguese). The CORE message (created by bubble and not me) that displays when the user clicks on the “sign in” button without informing an email address first in the username field, always displays in Portuguese, even though the URL parameter is set to French (lang=fr_fr). Same thing when I use any other lang parameter (such as en_us), the message keeps displaying in portuguese. Has anyone any idea what might be going on ? Everything else is correctly translated through App text, only CORE messages are not.
![Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 16.16.04|690x272]

The message that should display is this one (found in Settings–> languages, with the en_US language key, for US English:


I ended up finding out what’s going on. In Settings App there is a field called " Application Primary Language".
Mine was set to portuguese. It looks like that’s why I alwas had message display in Portuguese.