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Translation of User generated Content

Hello Together,

I´m struggling with how I can translate user generated content.
Part of my application is a blog. Some users post in German and some in English.
My question is how can I translate that user generated content.
So the English user doesn’t have to translate the blogpost from German to English and the other way around.

I saw that there are Plugins like:
AWS transcribe, Translate . Google One Click translate. Google Translate ++.

Anyone experiences with it?
Because I know that for google one click translate and google translate++ you need an API. I don’t want to get charged a ridiculous amount of money, for every translation I´m doing, just that the user get’s the content in the language he wants.

Anyone knows how AWS is compared to that. I’m assuming it is the same?

Maybe someone has a different workaround that doesn’t cost anything?

Thank you very much !!


Any new solutions for this?