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TrekConnect Launch!

Hello fellow Bubbles,

I’m very excited to announce that we are just about to go live with our Bubble-built service, TrekConnect! Huge thanks to Emmanuel, Josh, and George for allowing us to take our concept from idea to reality in just a few short months. I’m constantly amazed at what Bubble can do and we simply wouldn’t be where we are today without it. Thank you!

TrekConnect, LLC is a global platform that lets travelers connect with local experts (Ambassadors) from destinations around the world. We have over 60+ Ambassadors in 6 launch countries (Austria, France, Iceland, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland).

Take a look at what we built and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear any feedback on the idea, site, design, bugs, etc. Most important: Is this a service you’d find valuable while planning a trip?

Beta code: trekme

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


@TrekConnect, superb work…

  1. when i add my name and location, there is an odd white box on the right hand side of the screen. probably a rogue element
  2. I wanted to click on the “what will you ask” questions and then I assumed they would be remembered for me…
  3. the text in “my city gems” is hard to read, and the one I read had typos.
  4. the logo disappears on some background photos
  5. FAQs opened at the bottom of the page
  6. the bottom of the popup “update your profile” is not visible, and the page does not scroll to see it all.
  7. From “how it works”, clicking on “Find my ambassador” took me to the sign up popup, though i was still signed in…

It’s lovely… looks great, is a great idea too. If you didn’t already have people in BCN, and I had more time, I’d sign up to be an Ambassador. And I’ll take a look next time I’m travelling. Which makes me think… If I already have travel plans for a few months time, can I get an alert in my email to remind me to call an Ambassador?? (that’s number 8. Time to get back to my own bubbling!!)

The site looks great !
Where did you get the background videos from ? Is there a site that’s got good stock collection ?

Great feedback, thanks lonetour! There’s a lot more we are excited to explore with this concept, hopefully this initial site will help get some initial traction.

Hey Gaurav,

There’s a few background video sites. Take a look at Coverr and Pexel Videos

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Awesome looking website and great idea.

I noticed that in the “how it works” section, the icons at the bottom which link to Facebook and Email have the image offset.
I would make sure those images sit in the centre of their respective icons, so it looks perfect.

How did you actually upload the videos on your homepage? Did you use youtube, vimeo or ziggeo? Or is it “uploaded” directly to the website??

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