Trending Concept

I am trying to create an app that has a “trending” concept for one of its objects. What this is like is a blog where people come in and like posts based on category.

  • I have a data object as category with all the listed categories. One for posts, and one for users.
  • I have the post submit object which is a text box, a category drop down (dynamic), and a post button.

Here is my issue. I am trying to create a “trending” section that lists categories in a repeating group and in each cell of the repeating group it will list the person with highest post likes in that category. In the users thing I have a place for each category (too bad this isn’t dynamic). I am trying to have the system auto add 1 to a category for each like that post gets, so that it tracks how many likes in that “category” (not just on that post) that person has.

Also, how does anyone know how I might get the people with most likes in that category to show up in the repeating group? I dont know how to connect them.

Any help is amazing.
If someone knows how to do something like this and might want to help me, I can offer come compensation.


Quick thought. If you have for example two tables. Category and Posts. In one cell of the Repeating Group you could display your Category and then the next cell would be a repeating group with a constraint (join) linking the posts and category together based on the current user’s cell. Your RG would be based around Category and the current cell’s category would show up say on the left hand side. The right hand side would be a search based on the value of that category. The other repeating group would be based on posts, say uses and sum of post count and you order by descending on the post count/likes.

Check this out


I think I accomplished this by adding comments to a post. Posts are repeating groups and comments are a repeating group inside the first repeating group and it works fine. But this one seems to be a bit more complicated. I was gonig to do a repeating group for the person with the most likes, but what i am struggling to do is get the search right. In search I cant seem to find out how to get the two tables to relate. I keep getting ideas that might solve it, but when i go to try to implement it either i forget that idea, or it doesn’t work exactly how I thought it would. Thank you for sending the app, I will re read your post and play around in the app and see what I can find.

Much appreciated.

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