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Trigger a custom event when an info is true


I need help with a feature that I m currently working on. My desired outcome is to automatically send a twilio text to a user when something changes in my DB.

User data types are:

  1. Buyer
  2. Agent

Amongst all the other fields created for both data types, the “state (field type -text)” should unify both data types.

I want a custom event in my backend that trigger a twilio text message to a specific agent whenever a new buyer signups to the platform and indicates an interest in the agent’s state (e.g. Alabama).

Maybe I’m missing some complexity here but this would just be handled in your workflow where you create the the Buyer account:

Where the “make changes to a thing” is your buyer account db. If it’s only for signup then you would add in an “only when” conditional to determine if the user is new or now.

If it’s more complex than that, please explain in more detail.

You can use the backend workflow trigger called “Database Change Trigger”…you could want this to trigger a backend recursive workflow to cycle through a list of agents in the Users State to send a text message to each.

My suggestion may cause you to research backend workflows.


Supporting @boston85719 great advice here :+1:t2:

Thanks @boston85719 , I’ll give this a try and let you know what I find or if it serves my use case

You are onto something. To elaborate, when a new user signups and indicates that they are interested in a property located in “New york” for example, I want to create an event that causes my app to search my db, locate a real estate agent in that state and sends a text using the twilio plugin.

I hope this sheds more light.

Based on that elaborated description, my suggestion would be the approach to follow…it is similar to what I do in my Freelancer Templates to allow users to have email and text notification settings that allow when a new user signs up in their preset search radius to be notified either through email, text or in app notification.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Can you advise if the “database trigger” event requires the paid version of bubble to be used?

Yes a paid version is needed for dB triggers

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Btw @boston85719 , can you share what conditions you used in either the db trigger property window or the twilio property window.

I haven’t set this up. I’m just providing the general principle explanation of how to set it up.