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Trigger Backend API Workflow through a Link

Any ideas on how to send a link that when clicked will trigger a backend api workflow? I know these require the API Call to be a POST to trigger the backend workflow, at least I think they do…is there a way to setup a system that will provide a link that when clicked will trigger the workflow and send some parameters to be used as ‘Request Data’?

There are GET to POST conversion platforms out there I think. One such is mentioned here (10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 🔷 - #75 by JohnMark)


You’ve probably tried this but what about a link to a Bubble page that has workflow in the Page onload (then that trigger the API POST) ? Or am I missing something :thinking:

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I think the challenge with that is that new page will get loaded. Not sure if OP wanted that to happen.

Ahhh I see. Got it. Makes sense. Seemed like something way below @boston85719 pay grade. :slight_smile:

Call/load/request the page from a the worlds simplest plugin? Open the page in a popup and close it after page is loaded? Open it in a teeny weeny Iframe?

Of that I like the plugin idea most …

That is the fallback, but I wanted to try to make it so the page doesn’t even have to load…I want to send a link to a user in an email, let them click that link and trigger the backend workflow, but I suppose no matter what, when the link is clicked a browser page would open.

After looking into what it entails and how it would likely function, most likely will just implement the method you mentioned.