Trigger Email Notifications When Data Changes

I’m trying to automatically generate an email when a row has been added on the database. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks

Hi Mariel,

So yes possible.

Depends a bit on what triggers the row creation. But here is an example to hopefully give you a push in the right direction:
You go to workflows and then create a general workflow ‘Do when condition is true’ :

You now determine the trigger event of the workflow by filling out the 'only when’condition of the workflow. As an example of what you have asked:

As an example how you can trigger when a datarow is added I added an extra field to my database called ‘Nr’:

In this example the field Nr. remains empty initially when somebody adds new apples to the database. It remains a blank.
Now my trigger in the ‘Only when’ field:

It says, count the number of rows in the Apples database and compare it to the last entry that has a Nr filled out
if the Count is smaller then the last Nr. execute the action…which is in this case sending out the email:

followed by action ‘change data’ in which the empty Nr. field of the last entry is filled with the count of the rows…like that (thus making my table complete):

Makes sense?

Put the workflow on ‘every time’, so the email will be send every time a row is added :slight_smile:

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WOW thank you so much for taking the time. I’ll work on this and circle back - much appreciated :slight_smile:

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