Trigger Event in another page

Hey guys. Im working in a dashboard for the salles person of my startup, i want to display in a pop up everytime a client makes an account using their link with their own cupom. I want to know who to trigger an event when the client sign in to show the pop up in the salles person page

Need to know who the sales person is in terms of which user: on user data type make a field labeled ‘is the salesperson’ and make it yes/no (be aware that this is for when there is a single salesperson)

Then in a reusable element that you will put onto every single page, make it a group that is 1x1 with no background, so basically not to be seen…then put a popup on it that will display the data you want the popup to display.

Create a data type in the database that is called coupon used, have a single field that is a list of text that are all the coupons values.

On the reusable element make a custom trigger workflow that will show the popup. On the reusable make a workflow trigger when page is loaded to trigger a custom workflow when data changes and the thing to watch is the data type called coupon used and the field is the list of text…

Remember, there is only a single entry in the database for the coupon used data type because when triggering a custom workflow when data changes you have to state which entry to watch.

Then when somebody creates account using the coupon you will run a workflow to add the coupon to the list.

If this doesn’t work it might be that the coupons need to be unique in order for Bubble to add it to the list in the database.

in the user data there is a field called user_type, which can be client or salles. There’s two landing pages for each type of user, i want to trigger an event when the client press the button to sign up to display a pop up ind the landing page of the sallesman. I didnt got how to use a reusable item for that