Trigger event when data changes


I’m currently trying to build Product Hunt Clone and would like to add the following feature;

  • Any time a product is created containing a liked tag(They are option sets), this user will receive an email notification containing a link to the product’s page.

You can find the database structures below;

Is there any way to do this scenario without using backend workflow?

Maybe I’m missing something but is this not simply done by adding an action after your “create a new thing (product)” action → send email only when result of step 1 blah blah blah?


@furkan yes, @paul29 is right. It’s just a simple step added to the same creation workflow. like this for example:

Thanks for the answers! @paul29 @hanan1
I’m new to Bubble. I tried the same logic but I couldn’t figure out how to describe the expression in Bubble Language. That’s why I thought I’m on the wrong way.
Still, I couldn’t find It. What am I missing? :thinking:

this user will receive an email notification

If you mean the creator of that product, then you add in the ‘To field’ the following: Result of step 1’s Creator’s Email

I mean users who liked the tag.

How do you save those tags on the User? Probably something like (Liked_tags = List of Tags)?

This setup is going to send an email to every user with a liked tag every time button confirm is clicked. You need the “result of step 1” in the “only when” field. In the “to” field you want “current user’s email”

My previous setup can be completely wrong. I need to express emails of users who liked the tags of this product in the “to” field. But I couldn’t figure it out.

Where “Placed orders” is “liked Tags(option)”

@furkan oh, forgive me I did not understand that it is a many-to-many relationship. So users can like multiple tags and each tag can be liked by multiple users. It would be very unpractical to keep modifying the database by adding/removing tags to the datasets each time a tag is checked/unchecked. So I think if you group the form where users create the product-hunt-like post and add the following custom states to the group:

  1. mailing list (where you will gradually add users that like this tag when it is checked)
  2. liked tags (where you will find all the checked tags for this post).

Here is how it is built (in my example, I have freelancers instead of posts and skills instead of tags but it’s almost the same, it doesn’t matter if you creating a post or any other datatype):

But of course to avoid having unfinished posts in your database you can have a cancel button that deletes the group’s set post.

If it’s still confusing, I’m happy to walk you through it in a call.

Thanks a lot for your great explanations @hanan1 and @paul29. I’m abroad now and will try your solutions when I come back.

I’ve tried your solutions. But they didn’t work for my scenario. I finally got it done. I’ve added my solution with screenshots Thanks for your help @hanan1 @paul29