Trigger Event when time reaches 30 days


I am trying to build some type of functionality that sends the user an email, 30 days after they have triggered some event.

In my case, it would be after they press a button, the timer begins.

However, I am not quite sure how to integrate this into my workflows.

I understand the process will be something like this:

user clicks button → data point get creates at the time of this button click → 30 days after this time, they get sent email.

I Have created this datapoint and I am trying to work through this in the backend workflow but not quite sure where to go from here:

As you can see here I am trying to trigger this in the backend workflow. The ‘only when’ section at the bottom is what I need to use to keep track of the time I assume (?) but not quite sure how to get that right.

And the ‘trainingStatus’s time_passed’ data point is where I am storing the exact time of their button click because 30 days after this exact moment is when I need to send them an email.

Any ideas, appreciate any help, thank you.

Hi there, @artistdata22… what you are showing in your screenshot is a database trigger, not an API workflow. So, get rid of that trigger and set up an API workflow that takes a user as a parameter and that has an action to send an email to the user. Then, in the workflow where the data point gets created, add an action that schedules the API workflow to run at the current date/time plus 30 days. It should be as simple as that.

Hope this helps.


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Okay this makes sense, however, will this event need to get triggered again?

Cuz this event will not be triggered again until those 30 days pass, or if it does before, I would like the time to reset count.

I Updated it to an API workflow in the backend:

I am trying to add it into the workflow now but don’t see an option to to the ‘time_passed’ data point + 30 days.


I didn’t say anything about passing a date to the backend. I said to pass the user, and set the scheduled date of the API workflow to the current date/time plus 30 days.

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Thank you sir, solved my issues. Appreciate your time :slight_smile:

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