Trigger when Text is loading

Is there any similar option for regular groups or text elements like “when repeating group is loading?”

My use case:

text fields like: current users company ceo

it takes around one second to load the text, but its rendered before very weird.

I want to achieve something like a skeleton loader for text elements.

It works great for repeating groups, but unfortunately i am not able to find an option for other elements.


You should just be able to use: when ‘thing in question’ is empty

i.e. if you’re text is inside a group with its content type set to User, you can use: when parent group’s User is empty (either as a condition on the text element, or in the text element itself, formatted as text), and do whatever you want with the output of that expression (i.e. hide the text, or show something else etc…


hey @adamhholmes , thanks for your answer.

I tried this and its working in some cases.

But in my example I access data which is related to current user and it seems to be not empty from the beginning.

So i.e. i set the background of my text to color red and when its empty to blue.

Then its red from the first second and doesn’t change even for a millisecond to blue.

So what I would need is a workflow or condition like: when text element is fully rendered → do whatever i need to do

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