Trigger workflow when numeric user value increases

Hello people,

I’m trying to work out how to trigger a workflow when a value increases by a certain amount in the database.

E.g. Each user has a score, which is a number.

When the user clicks a button, their score is increased by +500.

How would I set up a trigger, so that each time a user’s score increases by +500, it starts a workflow?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @eugene_noguera !

Sorry, I didn’t understand…

It seams that you already have a workflow running to increase the score of the user in +500. So why don’t you use this same workflow to trigger this action? :point_down:

I assume that you are doing this using a workflow, don’w you? :point_up_2:

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Thanks @rpetribu ! That certainly helps, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

The only caveat is that not all actions will reward +500 score, Different triggers across the application will increase score by +250, +750 etc…

Essentially, each user has “score” & “level”.

Each level is worth 500 score.

Each time a user has gained +500, I want this to add +1 to their level.

Using the same workflow to update both ‘score’ & ‘level’ will only work in the cases when a trigger adds +500, but not when a trigger adds +250 etc…

I hope that makes sense!


Edit: I realise I do not actually need each user to have a level, I can simply use a text box to display: user score/500 rounded down to 1 decimal place.

Aside from this though, is it possible to trigger a workflow each time a user field’s value increases by a certain amount?


Hi @eugene_noguera!

You can create a backend workflow that wil be triggered everytime some information of your User changed. And in this backend workflow you can place all the actions you want. :wink:

You will be able to compare the score before and the score now, what will be useful to you, to know how many point he/she received.


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