Trigger workflow "X" minutes before/after a specified date

Hi All,

So I have a list of meetings with a start date/time and end date/time (being date/time fields)

The application runs on a tablet, so it is permanently open. I would like to run a workflow to open a popup 15 minutes before the start date/time of the next meeting. How would I achieve this?

I know how to find the next meeting but I’m not sure how to trigger the workflow? Something like:
“when current date/time is 15minutes or less before next meetings start date/time?” :confused:

I have gotten this far, where I create a workflow if condition is true:

Would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

First, you’ll need a way to keep the current date/time updated on the page (either run a workflow every second to update it, use some custom JavaScript to update the date/time every second, or find a plugin that does the same thing)

Then you can just un a conditional workfow, when the current date/time plus 15 minutes is less than the start time, to show the popup.

Hi there, @rosewaterbrands… I am not able to test what I am about to suggest because it uses a backend workflow, and my sandbox app is on the free plan. That being said, I think what I have here should work, so you can give it a shot if you want.

First, I have a field on the Meeting data type called show popup, and it is a yes/no field that defaults to no.

Next, I created a backend workflow that takes a meeting as a parameter.

The backend workflow only has one action, and the action sets a meeting’s show popup field to yes.

When a meeting is created, there is a step in the workflow that schedules the backend workflow to run 15 minutes prior to the meeting’s start date/time.

Finally, there is a Do when condition is true workflow event that looks like this.

The workflow has two actions, one to show the popup, and one to display the correct meeting in the popup.

It might go without saying, but this suggestion is based on their only being one meeting at time where the show popup field is set to yes. So, when the popup is acknowledged or dismissed or whatever, you would set the meeting’s show popup field back to no.

Anyway, I see Adam has already provided what is probably a much easier/better suggestion, but I will still throw this one out there as food for thought because, well, why not.


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