Triggering something inside a repeating group cell

I am having massive problems with a Zeroqode plugin. It is the Encode/Decode one.

On the plugin page it gives the impression it works with repeating groups, but unfortunately that isn’t true, unless you are will to have a decode button in every repeating cell. Clearly, having a decode button is nonsensical, so I need to find some way of triggering the decode to happen in each repeating cell.

I know it is a long shot asking for help as it is a pretty specific problem, but alas Zeroqode can’t help and so I’m up s**t creek without a paddle. Been working on this app for six months under the illusion that the encoding/decoding could handle repeating groups (as per Zeroqode’s web site), and only discovered last week that it will only work if you have this nonsensical decode button.

Initially Zeroqode support were helpful so I had high hopes of getting the encode/decode thing sorted, but unfortunately I think they have realized it isn’t possible and so they seem to have just given up.

Shame, as I’ve always rated Zeroqode very highly, and they seem like a great team, but on this occasion they seem to have dropped the ball, and it seems strange to give the impression that the plugin works for repeating groups when the reality is it really doesn’t unless you are willing to have a decode button on EVERY row of the repeating group which I am sure no app developer would ever consider.

If there’s anyone out there who can help please do get in touch as my app is all ready to be released in its beta version, but until I can fully implement some kind of encoding/decoding I can’t move forward as the type of app it is requires all the data to be encrypted.

And I suppose if anyone knows a workable alternative to the Zeroqode plugin that would be good too.


Can you please describe what you are trying to achieve so we don’t have to review what this plugin does? I see you are frustrated, but you’re post can be more helpful if you had more content and less zeroqode bashing.

Please detail what you believe the plugin needs to do, and what your struggle is with it.

I’m sure you will find people who can help you, there are many ways around things.

I don’t think I was Zeroqode bashing. Sorry if it came across that way. I thought I was being complimentary overall.

“I’ve always rated Zeroqode very highly, and they seem like a great team”

I use lots of their plugins, and they are freakin’ awesome so there’s no bashing intended. I was maybe feeling a bit despondent at the time.

The good news is I heard back from Zeroqode today and they are going to get the problem sorted. Awesome team!!!