Trivago style repeating group expansion

I’m not sure if I am posting this in the correct group but here it goes:
I am trying to achieve this with a repeating group (trivago style :slight_smile: )
When user click on a cell thinghy:

The cell expand to this:

Any ideas folks?
Thank you ever so much

This is pretty simple. Just put two groups inside the repeating group cell. Make the top group visible. Make the bottom group not visible. Put a button in the top group with a workflow that makes the bottom group visible when clicked. Put a button in the bottom group that makes the bottom group not visible when clicked.

Sir, you are a legend.
Tried all sorts and as usual i over complicate things.
This is a simple yet excellent solution.
Thank you!

However, I have a problem.
The bottom group(when visible) gets covered by the next cell content when generated.
Any ideas?

I have this functionality peppered throughout my own site and it sounds like your bottom group isn’t actually in the relevant cell. If you put the group entirely within the cell and collapse its height when hidden, the cell should adjust its height accordingly.

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