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Trivia game help

I have the data types sorted I think. On the quiz page I have a single cell repeating group for question content and below that a 2x2 for answers.
I’ve got a next question button that only the host can see. The idea is obviously for everyone to see the next question and answers when this button is pressed but try as I might I can only get the hosts own page to be affected.
Is this maybe only an issue because I’m on a free plan? If not that anyone got an idea what’s going wrong?

It shouldn’t be related to your plan at all, can you share more details related to the workflows, and clarify exactly what’s happening (or not happening) with the page for players?

Or you could dm your editor page and i’ll take a look :white_check_mark:


There’s two repeating groups holding a list of questions and related answers. The reason I skipped over most of how it’s organised is because it works fine from the hosts pov so I know it must come down to just getting the info to show on players screens. Host hits a button that triggers a workflow to show next item in the repeating groups and highlight correct answers. It works but only on hosts screen.

Is there privacy rules that could be affecting things?

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