Trouble calling on "App settings" table for efficiency

As my app is still in development, I’ve created a table that contains “settings” that will become fixed in future but which, for now, are “variable”. These are things like the logo and the app’s name.
Because these appear throughout the app as it’s being built, to avoid updating them manually if/when the time comes, I thought it’d be a good idea to create a separate table (called “TblAppSettings”) in which I have fields for AppName and AppLogo that contain the current name and logo for my app. The theory is that I can refer to these fields to pull the name and logo in while creating the app but should I wish to change them in future, I do so in just one place in the table and they update throughout the app.
Trouble is, I can’t work out how to call these into my pages.
Can anyone tell me what elements are best to use and the apostraphe language I should use to achieve this?
As ever, I’m hugely grateful for assistance.

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… if I understand your post correctly, you could use a text element to display the app name and an image element to display the app logo.

The text element would look like this…


and the image element would look like this…


Note that you could accomplish the same thing with an option set as opposed to a custom data type, but I’m not sure it really matters one way or the other.

Hope this helps.


Oh my goodness. Thank you! I was trying to do what you’ve shown there (I really appreciate the screenshots) but where I was going wrong was trying to find the “First Item” option using the “Add Constraints” button - which, I have to admit was confusing me because I wasn’t trying to constrain anything! Your help gave me the confidence to click about a bit and I realised it’s under the “more” option in the expression builder. It now works exactly as I wanted. Thank you! This is going to save me so much time.

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