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Trouble creating dynamic dropdowns that pull data from lists

New to Bubble and practicing how to pull filtered data from the database into a repeating group.

First, here is the link to my app which is set to ‘Anyone can edit’.

My questions are these:

  1. Is my data model set up correctly? If not, I would very much appreciate comments on what needs to change. Honestly, I’m finding this to be the hardest part about learning Bubble.

  1. I’m having trouble creating dropdowns for ‘Select a course’ and ‘Select a Tee’. Both are of the Data Type ‘Golf Club’ and both are lists. Though following the instruction found in a previous post in the Forum (see link below), I cannot get these dropdowns to populate with the proper dynamic choices. Here is the link to the previous forum post:

Here are some additional images of my data tables and logic associated with my dropdown inputs:

As always, thanks for any assistance you can provide.