Trouble Displaying ChatGPT Plugin Results in Bubble Workflow

I’ve encountered an issue while using the ChatGPT plugin with the highest number of downloads on Bubble. After setting up my UI to allow users to input a query and receive a response from the AI, I’ve configured a workflow with the following steps:

The user clicks an "Ask AI Assistant" button.
This triggers the ChatGPT plugin's 'Create Assistant' function.
I fill in the required information for this function.
The next action in the workflow is to display data in either a group or a repeating group.

The problem arises in this data display step. I use the expression Result of step 1 (ChatGPT plugin) to reference the output of the ‘Create Assistant’ function. When I click ‘more’ to select from the available data fields, no matter which option I choose, it results in an error highlighted in red.

The intended outcome is to display the ChatGPT response to the user’s query, but I’m unable to proceed due to this issue. I would appreciate any guidance on how to correctly display the plugin result in my group or repeating group element.
Screenshot 2024-04-06 153322