Trouble hiding inputText element after being shown on the page

I’m having issues getting an element to hide when a value is empty or no longer focused, regardless of what option is set the element doesn’t hide.

To breakdown the setup,

  • I have a text field that displays the value of an assignee
  • When you click the text field an textInput displays with a placeholder that contains the current name along with a repeating group of users based on the value of the input field. Once a value is selected the textinput field is set to hide and the original textvalue updates.
  • I have workflow setup to automatically reset inputs if one of the values doesn’t match a name and hide the element as well
  • This was originally setup only as the inputfield, but since it isn’t responsive, I’m using the above as a work around for getting the correct group hover box behind the element.

Now the trouble comes when nothing gets typed into the inputfield, if the value is blank, the element stays shown regardless of what I do. I’ve tried setting conditions for value is blank, conditions and workflows for element not in focus, but nothing seems to trigger when the value of the field is empty.

See the below loom, for more info.

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