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Trouble keeping the user logged in (via Facebook sign in)

Working on community app (designed for mobile web mostly) and only using Facebook sign in (so users must login/register via Facebook).

Problem: Users complain that when they return to the mobile web app, they’re often signed out and they need to sign in again via Facebook.

Is there a known way to ensure that users stay logged in?

Thanks fellow Bubblers!

How long before it logs off? It seems to work fine for me.

Maybe they haven’t connected their facebook account to their phones.

I’m having a similar issue. My guess is that the login session expires. But in Bubble, there is no way to set a “stay logged in” flag when logging in with Facebook. I have experienced a logout happening after 24 hours from login.

@emmanuel, is there a way to stay logged in when using FB login?


If the user isn’t logged in with FB any more, we can’t do this (we constantly check if the connnexion is still valid).

I have the same issue. the session keeps expiring, even though I’m still logged in to Facebook. Like the OP, my primary auth method is Facebook Login. It seems to me that it needs the equivalent of “keep me logged in” (as long as I’m logged in to FB of course).

This happened to me for the first time in days. Could it be a problem a FB?

However, I tried this and it worked:

I refreshed the FB page and App page. Then the message “… session expired…” in the app went away and the app was fine.

Here is an issue I discovered while playing with this. If I log out of FB, and I go back to may application then application still works. All updating and new record creating is still woking.

How do I make sure the DB is not accessible if I am not logged in?

was there ever a solution to this @emmanuel i’m experiencing the same issue

RE: My previous post. I posted this when I was still learning. The answer is to make a conditional (if current user in not logged in then hide element) Use the center tab in the property box.

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