Trouble populating DB with selections made in RG


Hope someone can give me a hand with this. I need help understanding the following:

  1. How do I limit the choices displayed in my 'Repeating Group Event" to those associated with a specific Campaign.
  2. I can’t figure out how to fill the campaign title and the list of events selected to the DB under the Data Type “Registrants”.

Link to app (set to everyone can edit) is :slight_smile:

here’s a pic of my DB for the data type “Registrant”

#1 - Add a constraint in your Search for Events datasourse in your repeating group. something like Campaign = Current’s User’s Campaign

#2 - under Registrants datatype you have Campaign as a text field. You need to have Campaign = Campaign (the datatype) Regarding adding the list of events, I am a little stumped on this. because the checkbox is not part of the datatype (and rightly so). Perhaps custom states could do the job…not sure.

Sorry, not working for me. I cannot seem to add a constraint like the one you describe. I did change data type of Campaign to “Campaign”.

In your Event datatype you need to add a field for Campaign, and set the type to Campaign. Then you can add it as a constraint.

Robert ,

Thanks for the help but I am soooooo struggling with this. I’ve change up my data base structure a bit and though I can present a full list of all events, when I add the constraint you suggested nothing shows up. I’m also trying desperately to figure out how to add the campaign name and the list of selected events to my data base type Registrants. I must admit, I’m very frustrated.

So your Campaign Title needs to be Text (not a Campaign), then you need to add some records

In Event, your Campaign is set to Campaign, which is correct.

Then in your constraint for “search for Campaigns” in your repeating group, it will be:

Campaign = Current User’s Campaign

That will filter it correctly