Trouble pulling data from one input to another

I have a email sign up on my landing page and would like the input value of the email to be autofilled when the user is redirected to sign up page in the email input section of the sign up page, I’m not sure how to do this.

Really sorry if this is a noob question.

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Welcome to the forum!! Not a noob question at all!

You want to send data from one page to another. In this case, you can send that email via page parameters (basically, store the email’s value in the URL to retrieve later! MAGIC ammiright!?!).

Here’s the bad boy you want to use:

Then retrieve the data in the email by searching for it:

I can’t stress enough how useful this is. You can send multiple parameters from one page to another, via emails as dynamic data inside a button, etc., and use that to trigger all sorts of stuff! It’s pretty awesome!

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Thank you so much, this worked perfectly! you’re awesome!

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No, no, no… YOU are awesome! Wish you the best of luck with you app!

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