Trouble setting up API

Hey guys,

Been playing around with some APIs lately but I’m having trouble setting up this one. So from my understanding I first need to use the POST function to get a key from Snov (the API I’m using).

However when setting it up nothing happens. Am I doing this right? (image below). Here’s the API doc: (also image below from relevant part)

Their doc:

My setup:

Can’t wait to set this one up (exciting one!) so any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

hello @hansdekk. I think you forget to add Authentification > Private key in header

Key name : autorization Key value : Bearer QS1xxxxxxx

Add a shared header for all calls :
Key : content-type Value : application/json

Should work :wink:

There was an issue setting up your call.

The API call returns an empty body and you picked JSON. Please check

Try pasting the json in the body:

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Thanks, but same issue I’m afraid. Feel like I’m missing something obvious…

With this type of api you need to use “OAuth2 Custom Token” and not “None or self-handled” In this case you’ll not have to worry about expiry of your token as bubble will handle it. Again bubble with auto-add Bearer to returned token.

‘OAuth2 Custom Token’ or ‘OAuth2 Password Flow’?

I’ve updated my reply

This api is almost similar with the one you are trying to set up. Check how it is set up

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@hansdekk Did you solve this fully? I’m not having the same issue. I don’t have the syntax right, and as such, it’s not working.

Hi! @kevin4 this issue was resolved.

Would you mind sharing details.

I received an email today from Snov.IO saying that Domain Search V1 is being fully deprecated on Aug 31st, 2020, and I should switch to Domain Search V2.

Have you seen this?

The main differences are:

  • It uses GET and not POST
  • For obtaining more than 100 email addresses, they use a parameter of lastId rather than offset.

However, I’m having trouble getting it to work.

The API call initializes properly, but my workflow never proceeds to the step immediately following the API call.

Are you using Domain Search? Have you upgraded from Domain Search V1 to Domain Search V2?

If so, how did you solve this?

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I haven’t used the api before I was just helping out since I saw similarity. If an update was pushed I’ll have to test it to give a reply.

It’s not than an update was pushed per se, but rather that V1 of the Domain Search API call will not work come Sep 1, so anyone who is using it needs to switch to V2.

Unfortunately, using V2 seems to introduce a critical error.

A Bubble support Engineer gave me the fix. It’s documented in a different forum thread.

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Glad to hear. By the way, for anything non-LinkedIn I’m using Anymailfinder which is more accurate, faster, and easier to work with.

Good luck!