Trouble Upgrading Responsive engine

I am having a little difficulty upgrading my Bubble Responsive engine. I have done this in the past and it was very good but now I’m trying to build a new app and I don’t see the option anywhere to upgrade my responsive engine. I need help.

If it’s a new app you don’t need to upgrade…

The New Responsive Engine is now out of Beta, so all new apps use the new responsive engine - no need to upgrade :slight_smile:

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If I don’t need to upgrade, then why don’t my new app have the features from the new responsive engine. I can’t determine if it can be a fixed width or not and so on

Which features are you referring to? (in your screen shot you’ve clearly got the new responsive engine properties editor)…

When I go over to my responsive tab and try to check out my work with in various sizes, instead of it fitting perfectly within each size(mobile view, desktop view etc) it doesn’t. Which means on mobile, it won’t be quite responsive and I don’t want that to be so

I’m not entirely sure what you mean… but if you think there’s a bug, or something wrong with your app editor, then probably best to submit a bug report or contact Bubble support directly.

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