Trouble with adding items to a list

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What am I doing? I’m doing something very simple that has already driven me crazy because I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
I have two tables one broker and one investment instrument.
An investment instrument can be in different brokers.

What is going on? When I try to update the list of brokers in the table of instruments, I just can not do it because the field where I take the data to update asks me many things and this is where I’m lost.

What I do not understand? 1.- What type of data can I add or not to a list? Because it asks me so many of the place from where I am going to take the information (in the example I already said that it is the first element of the drop). What would be a best practice to work with adding and removing elements from a list? Any video or docto that you recommend me to read/watch?

Thank you very much for your support

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Hi there, @cryptoestrategia… if I understand your post correctly, the issue is that you are using the Make changes to a list of things… workflow action, but you should be using the Make changes to a thing… action. When you use that action, you will select the instrument you want to make changes to, and the change you will make is to add something to the instrument’s Broker field. So, you will select that field, and then you will have the options associated with list fields.

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I didn’t got what you mean, but looks like you are trying to make changes to all the brokers in a instrument.

I see a mistake here. You want to make changes to all the brokers in the investment table, so “Type of thing” should be “Broker” instead of “instrumento”.

Try this out, it should work.

Many thanks, I´ll try

Many thanks. I will try

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