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Trouble with API handling


I am looking to fetch some information based on an ID number of a person. We’ve a 3rd party service which does this - Signzy. I will try and go step by step, to clear my doubts.

Now, the API documentation says, in order to fetch this ID data, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Login/Authenticate
  2. Create Identity Object (using “id” & user-id" returned from Step 1.)
  3. Fetch details (using “itemId” returned from Step 2, “accessToken” from Step 1, “ID number” from user input.)

Step 1 = Login using loginAPI
This works well for me.

Step 2 = Create Identity Object
I am stuck here, with a couple of things. (unable to initialize the call)
#1) This API uses two parameters from response of step 1. How & where do I capture the step 1 response & feed into this API?

#2) The API uses a parameter “user-id” (from Step 1) in the API url itself. How do I add this?

POST ::<user-id>/identities

#3) The input post body asks for ‘callbackurl’. How can I get this?

// Headers
              'Content-Type': 'application/json',
              'Authorization': ''

            // Input post body
              "type": "individualPan",
              "email": "[email protected]",
              "callbackUrl": "",
              "images": [
            // callbackUrl is where the data is posted on each activity performed on this Identity object

When I clear this, I will be able to move to the next step. Kindly help. Thanks.