Trouble with creating a website page

Hello everyone, I am very, very new to bubble, as well as to know-how development,
At the moment, I passed these 13 lessons, starting from the platform itself, and decided to try to make a site based on the layout from Figma, which I had previously made up on Tilde,
I changed the screen width to 1440, and thanks to this, I deviated from the initial template that the platform offered.
I moved the first block from Figma, decided to look at the preview, and there 2 elements shifted, although everything else stood up even better than planned, but the ball and the subtitle left, and one to the left, the other to the right :smiley:
Attached screenshots

What is my fault?: < P.S. Sorry for bad English :frowning:

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Hello @HigashiBubble welcome to the community!

You may enjoy this video. Long but worth while to watch:

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