Trouble with field format?

I’m doing a weighted average of some data points which requires a SumProduct calculation (# Units and Comps Rent) divided by the Sum of one of those numbers (# Units).

In the calculation setup shown below, I’m trying to use the Sum of the “# Units” field where the “Search For” bit is from the same table but a match on the “Current page Property Name”. The trouble is that when I try to Sum this data I keep getting asked for additional parameters. The result of the Sum is a number, why would it keep asking for additional parameters?

This same calculation is used later in the second half of the calculation ( / Search for Unit Typess’s # Units:sum) using exactly the same inputs without asking for additional parameters.

What gives Bubble? There’s no end to the cycle of parameters I could add to make it happy…


The types have to match. The type for “List 1” is a list, so only a list is acceptable. Whatever the expression in the box beside List 1, it has to evaluate to a list. It is asking for something else, because a number is not a list. The box in List 2 does not need anything else, because the expression for List 2 does evaluate to a list.

On the right, you have a text box displaying a ratio of two numbers. It does not expect a list, and thus, does not show an error or ask for “More…”.

What is the exact mathematical equation you are trying to calculate?

List 1 and List 2 are lists. Sumproduct sums “rounds” of multiplications. Bubble needs to know what number filed on each list’s item do you want to multiply in list 1 and the same for list 2. Then the function can work.

Overall a weighted average was the goal, starts with SumProduct…two lists of numbers multiplied together divided by a single number derived from a sum one of the lists. I was mistaken in that the List 1 was to be summed but for some reason without the sum my initial result was a series of numbers.

I was able to correct it without the summing of the list 1 and 2 by removing the calculation entirely and starting over but don’t know why initially I ended up with a series. It’s now working correctly.

Thank you…