Trouble with Filter and Data Types?

My filter isn’t working, I think, because of data type mis match.

I have the following data types and fields:

  • Resource Type for Dropdown
    ** Resource Type / Text

  • Resource
    ** Resource Date Last Updated / Date
    ** Resource Link / text
    ** Resource Name / text
    ** Resource Renewal Amount / number
    ** Resource Renewal Date / date
    ** Resource Thoughts / Text
    ** Resource Type / Resource Type for Dropdown
    ** Using? / text

I have a dropdown to select for the Resource Type and then a submit button for the filter.

The repeating group displays all the resources until the filter submit button is clicked. Then it should only display the Resources that have the Resource Type that was selected int the dropdown.

The issue is that when the submit button is pressed, all the resources show - not the filtered.

All the settings are blue so I’m not sure where the error is.

Here are screen shots of my set up.

Here is the preview:

And the Editor:

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

PS: I’ve been using Bubble for a few days and I’m really getting the hang of it. Just a snag once in a while. Boo.

So, a couple things. The ‘is pressed’ condition will only remain as long as the button is being pressed. If someone clicks on the button, you’re talking about it being pressed for just a couple of milliseconds so that state will not work as the condition to filter.

Secondly, you did have some data type mismatch. I restructured the search for you like this:


Maybe you want your users to press the submit button but it is an unnecessary step. I set it up so that the RG filters as soon as an option from the dropdown is selected but if nothing is selected, it will show everything. Even gave you a little reset button in there :slight_smile:

Take a look at the logic and see if it makes sense.


Thanks! I made those changes.
I had to make sure that “Ignore Empty constraints” was checked so the initial full list would show.

I want to add more filters using the fields Resource Date Last Updated, Resource Renewal Date, Resource Renewal Amount and Using? with various input fields like date range, slider and dropdown, respectively. Eh, or maybe all with Dropdowns.

For example, the result of the filter would show all Schools (Resource Type) that are Yes to Using

Or, Premium Newsletter (Resource Type) that will renew in the next 6 months and has a renewal amount between 10-50 that is being used.

You get the idea.

I found this example: Multiple Filters to Refine Repeating Group
I’ll follow it.

Thanks for the help!

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