Trouble with hiding repeating group cells

I have structure like this:

What I want is: When I click the text(Text Parent group’s Section) that is inside Group Section it should collapse and show me corresponding Subsection titles which is inside Repeating Group Subsection AND when I click OTHER section it should AUTOMATICALLY hide PREVIOUSLY opened section. I only managed to achieve this:

As you see it just leaves blank space instead of colapsing back the section and it’s not what I want. I tried everything(custom states, do when condition is true, terminate workflow), nothing works :frowning:
And yeah I ticked the collapsing feature in group and so on:

I would be glad for any help!

You’ll need to make sure you have a collapsing group around the repeating group as well as one that takes up the whole cell within the repeating group; both collapsing when hidden should result in your repeating group’s cells hiding appropriately.

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