Trouble with MySQL database

Each user has a text field called SteamHEX, the MySQL database has a list of steamhex’s

I want to show/hide an element based on whether or not the users steamhex is in that list.

so far, everything I have tried results in an error. any help please?

using as both DATA and ACTION neither one seemed to work.

using bubble mysql connector plugin from bubble.

1 day bump, i guess?

still waiting on a fix or something…

Looks like the condition is unfinished, did you try adding “first item” assuming the query is searching for current user.

Mate, I’m guessing that most of the Bubble community (including yours truly) don’t have the MySQL background knowledge required to help you on this one… Might suggest going directly to Bubble Support if it is their plugin. Good luck!


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Hey @Matt4499

I don’t think you have a MySQL problem here, just a Bubble syntax issue. I think you want to go a layer deeper in your comparison like this:

In my example, AllWhitelistedUsers is the MySQL select query, followed by Steamhex which is the text field that contains all the Steamhex values. I’ve used an evaluation of the Current User’s SteamHEX. So this condition is saying: If the list of Steamhex’s that comes back from MySQL contains the Current Users SteamHEX value, this element is visible.

Give that a go, and see if it produces what you are looking for.

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I don’t want the current users steamhex, I want the user of the profile pages’ hex. I have a constraint on the Search for Users of profileid = get data from page(profileid number) so i’m kind confused. I think I need to add :first item’s onto the search for users. thanks

A search in Bubble will always return a list, even if it is only one result. So yes, if you are doing a search for a user and expecting a single result, you would use :first item. But if you already have identified the user you need to reference on a profile page, you can just point to the page itself assuming it has a user type associated with it without doing a search.