Trouble with repeating group not showing

A feature of my app is that you can add your personal vehicle information (make model, etc.). Once you add your vehicle, it should display on the vehicles page. However, the repeating group is not displaying any information when I do test runs. I’m not sure if it’s a database problem because 1) When I add a vehicle it is appearing in the Vehicles database and 2) not even the car icon is appearing. I’ve been wresting with this problem for hours now - any advice would help!
Below are screenshots of the data bases, the repeating group info, the “Add Vehicle” workflow and how it is not showing.


Hi there - do you have any privacy rules in place? Are you logging in as the user? I would check both of these and report back with your findings!

All data is publicly visible and yes, I am both logging in and running the test as the user.

Hey, you should try to find the repeating group in the debugger, so you’ll see if it’s visible or not, and you’ll be able to see if there is any data in it !
It’s possible that there is no data or that it’s not visible because of width/height settings

In looking at your screenshots, I see you have the data chosen to display in the repeating group, but do you also have text elements in there, each element assigned to show a different field from the that cell’s data?

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