Trouble with Saving Data from Nested Repeating Groups

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out after spending several days trying to resolve an issue with saving data from a repeating group and its nested repeating group. I’m hoping someone here might have encountered a similar challenge or could offer some guidance.

What I’m Trying to Achieve: I want users to select their available days via checkboxes and then specify the start and end times for each selected day.

Setup Details:

  1. Main Repeating Group: This has a “Days (OS)” type, containing a list of days. Days OS is an Options set. (See attached screenshot)

  1. Nested Repeating Group: Set to “Hours (OS)”, another option set with a list of hours. (See attached screenshot)

RepeatingGroups_Elements_ Bubble Editor

  1. User Actions: Users select their availability through checkboxes, which triggers a workflow to save the current cell’s “days” to a custom state list “Selected-Days”. For start and end times, there are two dropdown inputs within the nested repeating group, intended to save to “Selected-Start-Date” and “Selected-End-Date” states.

The Issue:

  • The database correctly records the selected days.
  • However, for the start and end times, it only saves the last modified times, rather than the specific times for each day.
  • I need a way to differentiate the start and end times for each selected day, especially when different days have different times.

Workflow Info

Checkbox_Checked_ Bubble Editor

Selected-Days-State _ Bubble Editor

Selected-Days-State-SetState _ Bubble Editor

Start-Date-Dropdown _ Bubble Editor

NextButton_ Bubble Editor

Data Base Info


  • If multiple days have the same start and end times, a single database entry is fine.
  • If the start and end times vary across days, there should be distinct entries for each day.

I suspect the problem lies in how the start and end times are being saved, but I’m unsure how to rectify this. Has anyone worked with similar data structures or repeating groups? Any advice on how to properly link each day with its corresponding times would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

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