Troubleshooting Image Upload Plugin for Upload Care

Hi there,

I’m having issues using the Image Upload Plugin for Uploadcare. Hoping @linhduynguyen or someone else can offer some advice what configurations I need to add to enable the plugin to function as I’d like (which is to allow users to upload their image during onboarding using this plugin - and for the user to see the image they have just uploaded immediately in the onboarding pop-out).

Thought it easiest to illustrate the issue via a short Loom video (1m 30 secs long):

Thanks for any help.

Providing an update to this question in case it’s of interest to others, as I have a had a direct Email response from the plugin developer. Their suggestion/answer is:

The solution to your problem: in order to view the photo from the uploadcare instance, you need to have another image element and for the data source, you will be able to select the exposed state called Uploadcare’s uploaded file. The file will exist there whenever there’s a successful upload