Troubleshooting Performance Issue

I’m working on a matching game where one player or up to four players can play on the same device or up to four people can play online on different devices.

Screen recording of the issue:

Each game has a unique ID in the Bubble database that stores information about the number of players, their names and scores, and the status of the cards that have been dealt on the game board (flipped over on their backs, flipped over on their fronts, or taken off the board after a match).

When a user taps on a card, it triggers a workflow that runs various actions depending on the state of the game–do cards need to be flipped over or removed from the board? is it the first guess? second guess?

I tested several variations of this workflow to avoid players tapping cards when it wasn’t their turn and to avoid one player tapping multiple cards before the first tap was evaluated. I’ve got it working, but there is a delay in processing after a card is tapped.

What’s weird is that when a tap triggers a card being flipped over, the changes in the database caused by the workflow will often show up on the inactive player’s screen before the active player’s. Sometimes the workflow will hang and the grey bar will creep across the top of the browser window. When I use debug mode, it cycles through fine. Is there a way to know what’s going on when the grey bar is creeping?

Thanks for any input!

If you want to try the game, you can access it here:

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