Truncate without the first part of a text


Is it possible to cut first three characters from a dynamic text?

Example, instead:

  1. First example
  2. Second example
  3. Third example

TO be:

First example
Second example
Third example

Yea just use the syntax :truncated to 3


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Well, is not that easy, here we need to exclude first 3 characters, not to leave them as the value. :smiley:

Use truncated from end.

Identify the length of the string, then use length -3 for the trunc.

Dynamic text has 17 different-to-length variations :smiley:

Can’t be calculated from the back of the value…

Well you are clearly not giving us enough information. Good luck!


Hi there, @conesult… if you do a find and replace with this regex pattern, you should get the desired result.

It’s a simple pattern, but if you want to copy and paste it, here you go: ^...

Hope this helps.



Why can’t it?..

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Of course it can be calculated from the back of the value (just like Troy suggested, and the length of the string doesn’t matter), so pick whichever solution you like better, @another.


Unless you are now going to reveal more information that makes both of those suggestions invalid, and at that point, like Troy said, good luck.


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