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Good day fellow bubblers.

Here’s an interesting one.

We’ve built an ERP system for our internal operations on Bubble. Bar a few hiccups here and there the system is working very well. Shout out to @emmanuel and team for the work you’ve done.
Naturally with a system that should be usable only by internal staff there are concerns that they will share credentials with third parties whom then might have access to information they should not. We’ve taken all the usual precautions around user and data rights so we’re solid on that end but management has requested that the site should only be accessible from specific devices. In other words they want a public website to behave like a intranet (private) website. Our solution to this was to use cookies to establish trust with certain devices as seemingly there is no other way to reliably identify a device 100% of the time through a browser. This works well on Windows and Android but it seems Apple devices keeps dropping our cookies after a week or so of use.

Has anyone out there had the same challenge of making a bubble app behave like it’s on a corporate network and if so what experience can you share?

If there’s any Agencies out there with proven experience in this area, you’re welcome to contact me with a proposal.

Happy Bubbling.


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