Trustworthy Developers

Hello, I’ve been in contact with multiple developers on Bubble, however, I’m unsure of who to trust?

What are you recommendations for a freelancer/agency? Are there any mainstream developers the vast majority would recommend?

Question: Is this your first time working with a freelancer? If yes, then the question is not bubble specific. It’s just generic client hesitation.

I guess ease communication would be a factor.

I don’t really know why clients would agree to work with me. Whenever I’ve asked, the response has been: communication, honest feel, price estimate fit the budget expectation.
I guess the more valuable info would be from the clients who did not agree to work with me. Perhaps they could shed light on weaknesses.


Ask them to show you their prior portfolio, including 2 - 3 specific projects that you can speak directly to their clients. If you’re looking to establish who you can trust, the only way to do that is through other clients where trust has been established. If the freelancer/agency is unable or unwilling to take this step, then you can eliminate them from your list.


Make it yourself…think about that.

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For me, deciding which is freelancer/agency to work with is usually pretty complex question.
My own top priorities are:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Budget fit
  3. Time to complete task
  4. Terms of payment
    The last one is critical, because working with any party for the first time, I should understand that if anything goes wrong, I don’t have to pay money or recieve my money back.
    We in “We Love Nocode” offer 100% refund beginning form the very first workday. So if results doesn’t meet your expectations, there is not your problem.

Yup, what @Bubbleboy said here…

I don’t care one way or the other about your agency, @i.ozerov (although, it’s documented out here that I personally didn’t care for the manner in which one of your folks initially approached the forum), but the thread to which Bubbleboy linked exists (obviously), so you guys should probably address it before continuing to pitch your services.

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I wrote this a few week ago so it may help


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@i.ozerov I have started a project with you guys (welovenocode) and you have blocked me on all channels and refused to give me a refund for the sub-standard work you have created. Give me a 100% refund as per your statement above and stay true to your word. Respect is earned, not taken.


Be carefull when hiring developers. Lots dont know how basic things like privacy rules, (advanced) repeatable groups, responsiveness, good database design, etc. I did little under 50 interviews in the past month. Found that only a couple understand bubble good enough (of the available people)…

A multiple level certification for bubble would be great!


Hey @mikeloc
Thanks for keeping Bubble forum safe!
After this situation we have been contacted by a bubble representative (as we are a Bubble agency Agencies | Bubble ) who has asked us to share all communication with the customer.
Bubble representative (Eve) carefully checked all proofs and made sure that we did nothing wrong. Also they locked that thread - that’s why we cannot update it unfortunately.

Our rules mention that clients can ask for a refund after the first week of development. After the first week they either refund or continue.
In this particular situation the client asked to continue and that he didn’t want a refund after the first week (Bubble checked that and thay can confirm my words if that is not against their rules)
so we continued.
After the next iteration the client said that he doesn’t like the app and it doesn’t work at all (probably he didn’t need an app anymore) and asked for a refund - but we only do that after the first week.

So we transferred the app to the client and locked the communication after an aggressive tone

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@kodjima33 Unfortunately the work you produced is less than sub-standard and far from done, it does not come close to what was agreed, you only did about 20% of the scope.

I have the right to be upset, you hardly ever communicated with me and you never gave me the chance to test the product you delivered, you just threw it in my corner and expected all of this to go away. No sir! I had other reputable bubble developers look at the ‘work’ you had done, and they were absolutely stunned, all of them advised me to report it and to get a refund.

If a client does not like what has been done, you are supposed to rectify the issue, not block all communication on WhatsApp and refuse to respond to emails?

You still have a long way to go when it comes to working with clients and taking responsibility.

I will make sure to expose your work ethics to other people seeking reputable bubble developers so that they don’t fall into the same trap as I did.

As I told you from the beginning, this project is dear to me and I have saved up over a year to get it started, you have unfortunately ruined it for me and I am having to start all over again.

I have also opened a case of fraud against your company with pending investigations.