Trying but failing

I really don’t want to give up but I’m really struggling to design what I want.

I’m trying to make a website where users can log the aircraft they have spotted.

Whenever I design something it looks ok on the desktop but pants on mobile.

How friendly are you folks here lol. Is there anybody here willing to help me out on how to set these pages/databases out etc etc.

The images attached are from another site that offer the service

Kind regards

Ahh, it’s hit or miss, but people are usually pretty helpful regardless of friendliness.

However, in an ask, as you’ve presented, I don’t think you’ll find too much help in a forum thread. Your best bet is to hop on a call with a more experienced Bubble developer for an hour to learn some tips and tricks. Some will offer that hour for free, and others will charge, but either way, you should learn a lot.

Don’t give up! It’s an excellent idea for plane enthusiasts, and you’ll unlock a whole new skill if you fight on and learn Bubble.

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Hi Mac2,

Thank you for the reply it’s much appreciated. I do enjoy trying to understand developing but it’s them times where I think I have mastered something which turns out not to be true. That’s when I want to send the laptop out the window haha.


I suppose that’s because you haven’t checked New Responsive Tutorials (2022) :slight_smile:

Awesome idea, looks pretty good so far.

Yes, Is a good source, it just takes a lot of time and playing around with but once it clicks, you’ll be good. Plus a lot of it is thinking outside the box and redesigning to work for mobile.

Hi Artemzheg

That’s responsive right?

I felt this way when I started. Stick with it. Apply gap spacing between elements is your friend.

Look at the apps you think have the best design. Copy those. Just takes time.

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Hi lollib

Thank you for the kind reply. I will be glued back to the screen tomorrow no doubt.

Kind regards