Trying to allow users to create their own email templates with dynamic text

I am trying to work out how to allow a user to create their own email templates that will be sent out of their account. These will not need any visual elements however they should be able to set dynamic fields within the body of the email that are prepopulated from database entries upon sending. See this screenshot from Pipedrive to give more of an idea:

We tried to create the drop down menu but I couldnt figure out:
a) how to add the placeholder into the multiline text
b) how to pull a list of the database placeholders rather than the contents of the database.


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A simple way to do this is to have the user add tags such as [FIRST NAME], [LAST NAME], etc. so the text would be created as “Hello [FIRST NAME], …”. This doesn’t get the visual element you are asking for, with people having to manually type it in.

Once you have the text string that way you can use the :find & replace on the field and chain them for each of your tags.


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