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Trying to build my first "game" need some help :(

Quick information about my Bubble knowledge:
I am a beginner that has completed all the tutorials and also watched several Bubble tutorials on YouTube.

:white_check_mark: → I know how to do
:x: → I don’t know how to do

About the game:
The users have to guess 9 colours inside the database, IF the guess of a colour is correct (Let’s say GREEN) the users gets a message “Your guess was right!” and no coins are withdrawn from the user’s account. If the users has more coins in their account they can guess again, if not then they are out of balance.

However, if the user guesses a colour that another user has already guessed correctly, a message pops up saying “Someone has already guessed that colour” and -1 coins will be withdrawn from their account.

What has to be done (Have I forgot someting?):

  • Users have to create an account (:white_check_mark:)
  • Pop-up messages (:white_check_mark:)
  • Some sort of currency system (:x:)
  • Users have a currency that is being withdrawn for each guess ONLY IF the guess is wrong, if the guess is right there won’t be a withdrawal (:x:).

Please share screenshots or even YouTube tutorials that can possibly guide me through this, can’t seem to find any that can help me so far.

I am very thankful for all the help I can get!
With kind regards. :grin: