Trying to click items in RG and have a color outline toggle

Hi there, I am working with Map point of interests, and using an RG to display them. I want to be able to click on the RG and toggle its selection, which is shown visually by an outline. The outline is a group behind the content that changes the background color via a custom state. Below is an example of a selected vs nonselected tile.

How can I make it so I can toggle the outline with every click of the RG? Right now I have a basic means of highlighting it, but I want to be able to reset the border if the user clicks again. How would I structure the custom states?

Hi @mapapp,

You would add a condition to the workflow. If the state isSelected? is no, then set the state to yes. Then duplicate the workflow with the condition if the state isSelected? is yes, then set the state to no