Trying to connect domain to my app

I am trying to connect my domain to my app, however I am having a small issue. From what I see, bubble typically issues the IP for the A & CNAME records instead of the alphanumerical domain. GoDaddy had no problems with the “” for the CNAME record, but refuses to accept it for A record. It wants the strictly numerical IP address. I tried searching the forums but it seems the majority gets an IP to set for DNS, not actual domain…so, i’ve run out of road lol

Any help is appreciated! :grin::grin:


I don’t think an A record is the same as an ALIAS/ANAME record. I have Godaddy also and CloudFlare doesn’t play nice with Godaddy, and I met the bubble developers today at their office and they said that they’re going to be rolling out a tutorial on how to integrate cloudflare for godaddy users but it may involve needing to move your domain off of godaddy. They should post a video or tutorial soon.

I should have known that anything involving GoDaddy was going to be difficult…even something as simple as DNS settings. I have owned this domain for about 8 years and never used it…i just got drunk one night and bought something like 25 or 30 domains. I never used it…just sat there parked…then when I go to use it? Nope! :rofl: GODADDY FTW!

It isn’t an issue with Godaddy, it is an issue with Bubble and what they are forcing on people.

ANAME has not even been agreed as a standard yet, so could be implemented in many different ways.

Last week, this would have worked fine. Now … you are stuck. And if “moving off your provider” is the answer … then that is jut going to annoy people still further.

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As @jonathan.timianko mentioned, we’re aware of this issue with GoDaddy and of the fact that a large number of our users are on this domain provider; we are planning to release a tutorial for the appropriate setup steps by early next week.


I hope it’ll be very soon…Worked on this for the past 9 months upgraded my plan, only to find out that i can’t even link my DNS…very frustrating… I can’t even do anything with my app. Causing unnecessary delays.

Have you released them yet? been waiting for almost 2 weeks

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The tutorials are available on our YouTube channel.

hi! help here. How can I setup Godaddy step by step? Non tech here. sorry

Hi there…did you get your GoDaddy domain set up properly? If not, message me directly and I will help walk you through it!

After reading and watching all the tutorial, i am banging my head with no solution. Could you please help?

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