Trying to Constraint ID = ID

I’m trying to make my repeating group from the Calls table to show only calls with ID Number that the user has but it doesnt work. Any help on what im doing wrong?


Is “Active Call ID” field is a list? Can you show your DB setting?

basically want the call id to be placed inside the USER Call ID.

Your Call ID in “Call” is a number field but in User it’s a text field. Both should be of the same type.

and how would i tell it to add to the to the user table through the Call table

I cannot really tell you because I don’t understand how your workflow work. But actually you are trying to update a thing but the “Thing to change” is a list. You need to use :first item

but first item is only used for the first record?

this will update the first item yes. If you want to update a list of thing, you need to select Make change to a list of thing. Not make change to thing.

So For Instance, I have 2 Users (A, B) and have created a CALL which generates a random number once the form is submitted and inserted into the Call Table. But I need it in the users section for whatever user was selected (A or B) through the drop down.

this is the workflow i tried

Your dropdown should be dynamic, set to user and you should use the make a change to thing: dropdown value.

I can only select tables through type of things.

Thank you it now works :slight_smile:

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