Trying to decide on backend stack

Hi Folks,

I’m hoping for some insight here. After a lot of research, tinkering and hand-wringing, I’ve decided to use Appgyver for the front-end of a mobile application I’m developing. Those of you who are familiar with that platform probably know that Appgyver, unlike Bubble, does not offer a back-end as a service (though one is coming). I should add they have a lot of other limitations, in addition to advantages, vis a vis Bubble.

That said, I’m weighing my options. I’m a non-technical founder with zero back-end development experience. For this reason, I’m leaning toward using Bubble for my app’s backend — for the ease of managing my DB, out of the box user auth and the ability to define backend workflows quickly and easily.

Simplicity aside, I’m wondering if this is wise and would love to get the community’s insights as to whether Bubble really would be the best option for this build or whether I should consider setting up my own server and using something like Parabola for my backend workflows.

My concerns with Bubble are as follows:

  • Database Structure — I’m building a social networking style app, and I’m attracted to the blazing-fast queries and smart content recommendations that I’m told can be achieved with a graph DB (looking at Neo4J for their generous startup program and REST API). That said, I worry the learning curve might outweigh the benefits in the near-term, when I could always transition at a later time. Again, I’ve never worked with a noSQL DB, period.
  • Performance — My hope is that building my app in React on Appgyver and minimizing calls to my Bubble server will be enough to speed up performance considerably. However, I’m curious how far these optimizations will get me. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s implemented something similar (using Bubble only for backend) and how that panned out in terms of performance.

Very grateful for any insights the community can offer.