Trying to detect keyword from option set in input field


I am trying to detect whenever there is an input value anywhere in an input that has a keyword within the option set.

The option set is over 300 words here is how I have it set up:

Here is how I have it set up in the workflows:

However the problem is, it only works for the FIRST word in the option, it didn’t look for any other words in the option, if a word is in the input text of the box and it is the 173rd word in the option set, it won’t detect it.

This is likely because I have :first item selected, however, I have tried other things as well such as arbitrary text and then inserting the option set as dymanic input of that arbitrary text box, yet NOTHING detects at this point, not even the first.

Any ideas? Appreciate any help, Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there, @artistdata22… give this condition a shot and see if you get the desired result.

Hope this helps.



Thank you sir this solved my issue, appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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