Trying to make a clone of Instagram on my app

i am trying do make a instagram clone and i have to do a workflow. And in the workflow i need the following


how i get
Caption = input - Caption’s value and Post-image = Imput - Photo’s value into when i dont get the option. Please see the video below

any advice?

Hi there, @krazymilecreations… no offense, but your question and video make it clear that you don’t have even a basic understanding of how Bubble works, and you really should consider taking a step back to work through Bubble’s tutorials and watch their academy videos.

The above being said, Input - Caption's value and Input - Photo's value are the names of the input elements that have been added to the page so the user can enter those values when they use the app. If you haven’t added input elements to the page and named them the same as those in the screenshot, you won’t see those “options” in the dropdown. So, in other words, those aren’t options you ever should have expected to automatically see.

Hope this helps.


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i am new to this and i am going through the tutorials for instagram clone. This issue I have is in this tutorial. I have made data types ect for the caption and post-image like iv been told.

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